In-house Equipment


Over the years we have accumulated quite the lineup of equipment to increase the amount of finishing we can offer in-house. More and more we can do things right in our own production room. Our current list of in-house equipment includes: 

  • Foil Printer
  • Sticker Machine
  • Professional grade cutting machine
  • Paper Jogger (lines up sheets for trimming, eliminates static)
  • Padding machine (for notepads)
  • Spiral binding machine (reports/calendars)
  • Perfect binding machine (publications)
  • Thermal binding machine (reports)
  • Creaser (birthday cards)
  • Scorer/perforating machine (for tickets)
  • Professional business card cutter
  • Wide format laminator (posters)
  • Our three hole drill allows us to print two publications on once page, trim them down with our large format paper cutter and drill holes for inserting into a binder!
  • We can fold and staple over a 1000 booklets a day with this machine!
  • This machine can trim business cards in minutes...and stacks them! It accounts for bleed so we can offer amazing designs, single or double sided!
  • This machine folds 7 automatic folds and can be adjusted to do custom folds as well! Great for brochures!

"We contracted Monica to revise our current filing system and what a difference it has made to our organization!"

SOADI ( St. Catharines, ON )


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