MTS Native Services is a design, printing and finishing company but we provide those services and more. We have been in business for 10 years now and we are very excited about what we have accomplished for our clients.

Back in 2004, we started business providing Document Management services to our clients. We created a systematic approach that turned our clients files into valuable resources for them, saving them space, time and money as they pertained to legal claim. Since then, we have changed our focus as well as broadened our services.

For the last 6 years we have focused on providing professional Design, Printing and Finishing services. We offer our clients cultural creativity and vision when designing publications and many of our clients have expressed their pleasure. (See our Client Testimonials) We have also been sure to keep our equipment and software up to date in order to print the best quality prints with many finishing options. (See our In-house Equipment)

MTS is not just a printing company, we also take pride in working closely with our clients in developing their materials. We travel to meet with our clients across the province, we work with the community to obtain culturally appropriate photos for publications and we've also been known to seek out whatever we need to achieve the end result our clients are looking for. We go the extra mile wherever we can and have even subcontracted individuals to create culturally appropriate promotions.

We go the extra mile wherever we can!

"We contracted Monica to revise our current filing system and what a difference it has made to our organization!"

SOADI ( St. Catharines, ON )


- Two Rivers Community Development Centre